Last year this time, Fortune Magazine released “You’re Hired: 4 Ways to Catch a Headhunters Eye”, and I was amongst the lucky thousands to snag a copy of this insightful and exciting issue. Despite my initial plans to write to you about finding and creating your own Salesforce job experience, this edition of Fortune is just too good not to share with you right now! The issue has me fired up for a few reasons. Keep reading to find out why!

We’re In A White-Hot Hiring Market

We’ve known that supply has exceeded demand for Salesforce positions in major markets for a while now, but here’s stats and confirmation that across the board, unemployment is low, which means a job seeker’s market. For those of you who are looking not just at Salesforce roles, but Salesforce-adjacent positions to build your resume, you have an even more favorable window to move. “About 6 million jobs are open at US companies, near an all-time high. Yet employers are filling jobs at the slowest rate in three years, unable to sign the employees they need as more people find work and stop looking. Growing demand, shrinking supply–that’s the formula for rising prices, known in the labor market as pay.” This goes double or triple for “hot skills” like Salesforce!


Employers Are Looking Away from Résumés and Towards “Soft-Skills”

Accenture’s global head of recruitment says “Résumés are screening out exceptional people…because most résumés don’t tell employers what they need to know–information about creativity, willingness to work hard, and love of learning. That’s what is most important when we’re trying to evaluate potential.” I strongly believe that a solid candidate who has maturity and transferrable skills can combine some Salesforce experience, enthusiasm, passion, curiosity and the willingness to go the extra mile to land a great Salesforce gig.

Be Proud of Your “Grit”

In speaking with dozens of current and aspiring Salesforce professionals over the years, I’ve noticed a pervasive theme of self-doubt. I suffered from it myself! Because there’s no traditional career path for Salesforce roles, many feel insecure about their educational or professional backgrounds and thus unqualified. Amplify that by being a woman, a minority, an older adult, differently abled or non-binary and many of us count ourselves out of the game before we even begin. In “Grit is the New MBA” Salesforce’s own Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet shares Salesforce’s philosophy on diversity: “If you said everyone at Salesforce had to have a computer science degree from [the same] five schools, the talent pool would be super-shallow.”


The article goes on to speak to Salesforce’s partnership with Year Up!–a nonprofit that seeks to close the opportunity gap for young people ages 18-24 through technology skills and partnerships with major corporations. I personally have led a Salesforce workshop and served as a mentor with my local Year Up! Atlanta Chapter, and encourage you to read the stories of the young people they serve and their backgrounds–you will be inspired. If these young people can commit to this program, despite challenging life circumstances, what excuse do those of us who may have more experience, opportunity and means have for not putting ourselves out there?


I say all this to say that no matter where you are in your journey, you have options. You have access to one of the hottest technologies out right now and employers are looking for YOU! Don’t count yourself out of the market because of what you perceive as “shortcomings.” Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge of the marketplace and CONFIDENCE to pursue your ideal Salesforce position!  


Be encouraged to put yourself out there! It’s your time!

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