I always say “success is about who you know…but it’s so easy to get to know people!” Networking has been THE #1 strategy that accelerated my Salesforce career. If the word “network” just made you cringe, here are my tips for overcoming the common fright:

Show Up

Just being a familiar face can help people get to know and remember you. Regular attendance at my local user and WIT groups has gotten me jobs, speaking opportunities, advice and friends!

Focus on ONE Connection

I hate the thought of “working a room,” trying to maximize the number of people you meet. Those short, superficial conversations and someone demanding your contact info or forcing theirs on you is NOT a true connection. As an ambivert, I simply have the attitude that I’m going to make one meaningful connection–an inspiring conversation, a solution to a problem I’ve been struggling with, a new website to checkout. This is my goal and I usually exceed it, but I never stress myself out because I didn’t meet everyone in the room.

Give Back

Volunteering is an amazing way to strengthen your Salesforce skills as well as make connections within the community. Even if you’re a newbie, you’ll brush up on the Trailhead or topic you’re covering which will fortify your own knowledge. Girl Develop It is a Salesforce partner organization that offers classes and often need Teaching Assistants (check if you have a local chapter). PepUp Tech is another organization that focuses on bringing computer science and tech to underrepresented groups that offers opportunities to virtually volunteer teaching Salesforce topics.

If you’re trying to make connections, seek out new opportunities and figure out your Salesforce career path, RELATIONSHIPS will be the key.

Let’s connect! Email me at tonivor@gmail.com.

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