Who gets paid more—a general practitioner or a surgeon? Specializing allows you to build a deep pool of knowledge and master in key areas, allowing you to command more.

One of my recommendations to accelerate your Salesforce job search (or ascension at your present company) is to find a speciality. For example, I am the only person at my job who has a Service Cloud Consultant certification, so I’m able to command respect and quickly earn trust with new stakeholders because of this specialty. CPQ & Marketing Cloud are pretty hot right now as far as specialities go, but what if you don’t have access to those tools?

There’s one area that’s hot and just WAITING for specialists in the Salesforce world—Lightning Migration. As we know, the train has left the station in regards to Classic and Salesforce is pouring more and more resources into enhancing Lightning as well as closing the parity gap that companies are starting to get the picture. This opens up a world of opportunity for those trying to break into the market—namely because NO ONE is really a master of Lightning yet, everyone is largely starting from zero.

What you can do is seize this opportunity to learn everything you can about Lightning migrations. What gaps still remain between Classic and Lightning? What’s on the horizon? What approach should a company take to prepare for Lightning? All this information is out there in the form of Roadmaps, Trailheads, Dreamforce Sessions and Success Community Group focused solely on getting companies onto Lightning.

I’m not recommending you pass yourself off as a Lightning Migration expert who’s never done an actual migration! But, you can speak knowledgeably to how to map as-is processes, what features and functionality in Lightning can facilitate those process, map out an plan of action and have a pulse on the resources available to companies to help support their Lightning Migration. “Where are you at with your plans to migrate to Lightning?” Is a great question to ask in an interview and then proceed to share how you support and add value to those efforts, or spearhead them if they’re not in place.

Einstein is another new area that you can learn and speak to—taking the extra steps to specialize will give you a memorable advantage in your Salesforce career strategy.

P.S. Got Salesforce career questions? Send them to tonivpr@gmail.com.

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