Hi–I’m Toni V. Martin, a Senior Salesforce Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company who helps smart, talented people like you find their next and best Salesforce role. Just a few year ago, I was stuck in an underpaid marketing career I had grown to dread. I needed more money and more satisfaction, and I stumbled upon Salesforce as the answer!

But just because I decided to pursue a Salesforce career didn’t mean jobs magically fell in my lap. I studied and took Certifications–and failed. My resume was being overlooked. I bombed interviews. BUT I kept at it, and tracked my successes at every turn.

Now, I help others who are looking for a satisfying career on the Salesforce platform through my speaking, coaching and courses. 

I consider myself truly blessed to have found a career that I finally love. Salesforce has changed my life, and I want you to experience the same success I have!
Let me know your #1 Salesforce job challenge–via email, Twitter or LinkedIn